Thursday, 16 March 2017

Drug Discovery 2017

About Conference

Allied Academic Publication is a scientific association known for promoting scientific temperament and has been performing very well in Business and Management and is a perfect for our readers. It is established in the year 1997; the main motto is making the information on science and technology.
Drug Discovery 2017 Organizing Committee proudly announces and invites all the participants across the globe to attend the “Drug Discovery 2017” slated on November 02-03, 2017 at Chicago, USA.    
The theme of the conference is “Innovations and Advancements in Drug Discovery: Changing the Topography of Pharmaceutical Industry Rapidly”
Drug Discovery 2017 discuss various disciplines involved in Drug discovery and Innovative Drug Design, drug discovery and development, Nano Technology in Drug Discovery, Drug Discovery in Pre-clinical research, Clinical trials and Regulatory Affairs, Pharmaceutical Research and Development and many more. It also focusses on discussing the treatment strategies, risk management and consequences and challenges in drug design and discovery industry. It promotes better understanding by general public about the importance of drug discovery. The conference aims at promoting interaction among the researchers, students, industrial professionals, pharmacists from all around the globe. It is a campaign to create awareness about the recent advancements, researches, breakthroughs, technology developed in the area of drug discovery and development.

Drug Discovery 2017 anticipates participants, renowned speakers and eminent delegates across the globe to be attending the conference to share their valuable presentation and galvanize the scientific community. Scientific people from all over the globe focused on learning about emerging technologies about Drug Discovery and Designing. This is a best globalized opportunity to reach the largest assemblage of participants from the scientific community and research. Make a splash with most recent techniques, developments and the newest updates in Drug Discovery and Development and receive name recognition at this 2-days event.

Conference Highlights

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